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mars 6 years ago
Fake cocks.
Wtf 6 years ago
Why does that dudes dick look like its been put through a blender... garbage disposal, a lawn mower ran over it... look like he got circumcised 5 times and then let somebody with a mouthful of braces and chainsaws chew on his dick?
Iseeidiots 6 years ago
they are all fake dicks
Wtf 6 years ago
Their dicks look .... Ridiculously disturbing
YouKnow 6 years ago
Thay has to be the ugliest dick ive seen wtf happened
Lethal 3 years ago
Watching this, I went from horny to wtf fast. Seriously that had to be fake. I couldn't stop staring trying to figure out wtf was actually happening lol
o_0 5 years ago
beyond weird
Anon 3 years ago
Real or fake, you gonna use a dick that long, put it all the way in.
blub 7 years ago
fake and gay :D
Nicole 3 years ago
I could never do a gangbang video or threesome,I would be very terrified,and don't care how much money they paying. They may get to excited,they hormones get out of control, and then next it may leads to raping her. And I would have anxiety,flashbacks after,trauma,feel dirty,and these type of things are not right. Shit like this affects your mind,and I couldn't even finish watching this video. Just think how drainful her body is after this,the guys bodies also,and not healthy for the heart.